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COGPACK Professional for Windows is to be used in clinical, rehabilitative or educational settings.

Home users, can order COGPACK Home.

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COGPACK net (Euro) incl. 19%
VAT* (Euro)

For customers who own an earlier version
of COGPACK Professional:
Update COGPACK Professional for Windows 
to current version
100,00 119,00*
including a printed manual

For new customers:
COGPACK Professional for Windows on CD 450,00 535,50*
including one of these languages: DE (German)
ES (Spanish)
FR (French)
IT (Italian)
NO (Norwegian)
NL (Dutch)
PT (Portuguese)
US (English)
Including a printed manual German
Instruction spoken DE (German) 30,00 35,70*
IT (Italian) 30,00 35,70*
NO (Norwegian) 30,00 35,70*
Additional Licences 1-Station Licence 150,00 178,50*
2-Station Licence 200,00 238,00*
3-Station Licence 240,00 285,60*
4-Station Licence 270,00 321,30*
5-Station Licence 300,00 357,00*
6-Station Licence 320,00 380,80*
7-Station Licence 340,00 404,60*
8-Station Licence 360,00 428,40*
9-Station Licence 380,00 452,20*
10-Station Licence
means Campus- and LAN licence
400,00 476,00*
Currently we consider an 11-station licence (COGPACK Professional plus additional 10-Station Licence) to be a Campus- and LAN licence - cf. our General Terms and Conditions.
Additional Language Sets DE (German) 100,00 119,00*
ES (Spanish) 100,00 119,00*
FR (French) 100,00 119,00*
IT (Italian) 100,00 119,00*
NO (Norwegian) 100,00 119,00*
NL (Dutch) 100,00 119,00*
PT (Portuguese) 100,00 119,00*
US (English) 100,00 119,00*
Additional printed Manuals DE (German) 13,70 16,30*
US (English) 13,70 16,30*
Update Service for 2 years 300,00 357,00*
data carrier USB flash drive instead of CD 6,73 8,00*

* 19 % VAT will be charged when delivered to Germany and also when delivered into the EU without a valid EU VAT-ID-Number reported when ordering. We do not charge VAT when delivering to countries outside of the EU, but taxes and custom fees there have to be paid by the customer. Gross payment within 30 days or with 3% discount within 14 days to our bank or PayPal account.

Standard delivery on CDs by normal mail. Shipping to Europe is free, to outside of Europe is Euro 12,00. The Professional version includes a 1-station license, 1 selectable language, 1 printed manual (German or English) and entitlement to use the hotline by e-mail or phone.

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