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Package Contents

64 test and training programs, with 537 different task sets, e.g. for visuomotor control, comprehension, reaction, vigilance, memory, language, intellectual and professional skills. Tasks can be edited, changed, and expanded.


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: concentration, performance and motivation aid.

EDUCATION: e.g. Special Needs Education.

AT HOME: Individual training can be continued with the HOME Version.

Training Oriented

The program can be used with add-on learning demonstrations, help with solutions, levels of difficulty, explanation of results, repetition options and adaptive task series, i.e. difficulty of tasks based on previous performance. The sequence of exercises can be made dependent on specific criteria.

Test Oriented

The program can be used with standard settings derived from the normative values provided in some sub-programs. Learning test options.


Wide-ranging content and difficulty levels, entertaining initial exercises, help with solutions, learning demos and explanations of results, realistic feedback, accessible comparative scores and user-selected and user-controlled exercises.

Score Reporting

is automatic, differentiated and user-selectable. Overall scores, performance, time and course scores, scores for individual exercises, graphic profiles written to disk, screen or printer. Group statistics are available in the Professional Version.

Comparative Scoring

can be set to update average scores and best scores automatically. The supervisor can decide whether clients see all scores, no scores or only their own score.


Norms derived from different groups are available for many exercises. The Professional Version supports user-defined norms.


data derived from persons show significant and relevant progress in learning and a correlation between test-results and obtaining aims.


exercises can be varied by random routines and user-edited exercise material. Instructions, timing, type and scope of exercise series, as well as the exercises themselves can be altered. In the Professional Version user-defined programs and menus can also be linked to COGPACK.

User Friendly

Pull-down Menus. Control by keyboard, mouse or touch screen optionally. On-screen hints and information. Introductory screens before each exercise. Optional trial run. Selected settings are preserved.


by lockable menus, supervisor passwords, elaborate error-routines, optional protection against undesirable training break-offs.


for trainees and supervisors by the manual and by context-sensitive help on-screen. Editable task files and item lists contain formatting information and references. Q&A and special advice for Windows versions on a yellow "Quick Start" paper.



VISOMOTOR SKILLS: Steer, follow or mark a moving figure. Divide lines or pies. Reproduce or mirror a drawing. Catch a bouncing ball.

COMPREHENSION, REACTION, VIGILANCE: Scanning, character recognition, catch a falling star. Assembly-line simulation and continuous performance tasks.

LANGUAGE MATERIAL: Various clues to find words or labels. Questions about text-content. Attribution of quotations to authors or titles to poems. Placing words or syllables into correct order. Anagrams. Semantic fields. Vocabulary.

MEMORY: remembering series of words, images and labels, patterns, signs, addresses, routes, scenes. Various types of recall and repetition applicable.

NUMBERS, LOGIC, PROBLEM SOLVING: mental arithmetic, problems, geometry, quantities, numbers and number words. Connect dots. Simple and deductive comparisons. Complete a logical block. Continue a series. Shortest way. Optimize borders.

KNOWLEDGE, ORIENTATION, EVERYDAY SKILLS: Times, dates, compass, money, weights and measures, traffic signs, license plates, abbreviations, keyboard, geography, etc.

SPECIAL ELEMENTS: labyrinths, color/word interference, note and tone, 3-D positioning, assumptions about public opinion.

Hardware Requirements

PC with WINDOWS 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11, color monitor, keyboard, mouse or touch screen, sound, at least 800 MB free space on HDD.

General Terms & Conditions

cf., select impressum and then General Terms and Conditions or privacy policy.


COGPACK Professional contains the Home version, supplementary material, more alteration options, tools, personal data management, group statistics, and some source files.

COGPACK HOME for individual training at home. Substantially less scope in tools, personal data management, manual.

Prices Euro
net of tax
COGPACK Professional* 450,00
COGPACK Home* 160,00
DE,ES,FR,IT,KR,NL,NO,PL,PT, or US-English,
additional License for 1 computer 150,00
additional license-pack for 2 computers 200,00
additional license-pack for 3 computers 240,00
additional license-pack for 4 computers 270,00
additional license-pack for 5 computers 300,00
additional license-pack for 10 computers
which means campus- & LAN-license
additional Manual English or German 13,70
Upgrade current Professional Version 100,00
Upgrade current Home Version 50,00

* Professional and Home versions include a license for 1 computer,
1 selectable language, 1 manual, hotline or e-mail advice, delivery to Europe.

19% VAT are added for DE and EU if no EU VAT-IDNo. is reported. € 12 shipping fee is added for deliveries to outside Europe. Standard format CD, USB flash drive on request and with € 8 extra charge. Some language packages still partly incomplete. The use of additional licenses and of Campus licenses is limited for one place with a named postal address and require a Professional version. Networking with unlimited no of clients affords a professional version plus additional license-pack for 10 computers. Trade prices on request.

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